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Mutt Mail

Treats! Treats! And More Treats!

November 12, 2013 | Pet Food

Finally people are starting to take notice that all those by-products and artificial flavorings, GMO’s and preservatives are bad for us! Humans talk about eating healthy all the time. It’s high time someone thought about me, …Man’s Best Friend!

There are a lot of new treats arriving at The Animal Keeper and Pet Suites to keep canines in tip top shape and happy. Everything from long lasting Himalayan chews, to deer antlers and bully sticks that will keep me busy for long stretches of time to the Real Meat variety of treats with 95% protein. Yum! Now no one has to feel guilty about giving us treats! They are good for you! Some of them have things like Chondroitin and Glucosamine and act almost like a supplement; or the ones with antioxidants and pro-biotics. I’m feeling healthier just talking about it. (“Arf!” – followed by a wag)

They have the whole Zukes line here, including Super Berries and Super Greens, wow! I’m starting to feel important. I also saw a whole new line of chews from Ferrara Farms that are anti-biotic free, no artificial coloring or preservatives. Oh Ya!

Come in and get your dog on! There will be something you like, I doggone guarantee it!

– Dog