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5 star ratingAnother day, another happy and satisfied pup!!

Shoutout to the Animal Keeper staff, they are always so excited to see Cleo when I bring her in the morning for doggy day camp-- and when I pick her up at the end of the day she gives kisses goodbye & is a very happy and tired pup
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Caitlin C. Avatar
Caitlin C.
5 star ratingThe staff here all always so amazing! They are so sweet and make you feel real comfortable leaving your pet there. My doggy is always super excited to get dropped off, and I love how they know her name and always excited to see her as well. Thank you to all the staff
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Addy W. Avatar
Addy W.
My pet always comes home happy, healthy and clean. The staff is great and my dog loves the daycare as well as being boarded .
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Trudy S. Avatar
Trudy S.
5 star ratingGreat boarding and training service. Everyone is very pleasant. It's clean. The staff cares about your animal. It's not as personalized as in-home boarding, but the upside is there is always room if you have last minute travel. I love this place.
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Sunny B. Avatar
Sunny B.
Our dog absolutely loves the dog day care at The Animal Keeper! She comes home happy and exhausted! Also, the staff is exceptionally helpful and kind...to people and the animals!
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Cindy M. Avatar
Cindy M.
Our Australian Shepherd, Holly, loves going to day camp at the Animal Keeper! She is always happy to get there and seems to like everyone there and her dog friends. The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and have a genuine love for animals. She spent a week boarding there and came home happy and healthy and we didn’t worry once while on vacation.
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Laura B. Avatar
Laura B.
5 star ratingWe use The Animal Keeper mostly for dog daycare. They have a very organized system (including putting a paper collar instead of their normal collar) and my dogs come home tired.
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V R. Avatar
V R.
5 star ratingAnimal keeper has been looking after our dogs for years! My dogs love doggie day care and I feel comforted to know they're in good hands when we leave them for boarding. Highly recommend the team at Animal Keeper!
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Katie E. Avatar
Katie E.
We boarded our two dogs for two weeks there. Up to this time, our older pet didn’t socialize. The Team made them feel welcome, did a temperament test and he was fine to socialize! It allowed us to enjoy our stay. We will definitely use them again and highly recommend.
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Jim R. Avatar
Jim R.
The best place for dogs to play and interact with other dogs in a fabulous controlled environment. Kayla and her team of professionals are amazing. We love to travel and know that our dog is in great hands. The grooming services are great too!
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Kathy M. Avatar
Kathy M.
5 star ratingMy dog loves the animal keeper so much and I love the employees that work there. There's never been a time where drop off has ever been difficult when it comes to daycare and they work with me with my crazy hospital schedule. my dog looks forward to daycare. She knows exactly the way there so her tail is wagging from the time we make that right turn. I recommend doggy daycare to anyone, but I really recommend the animal keeper to everyone. We will come here forever! Thank you for being the best daycare!
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Kyra C. Avatar
Kyra C.
Great facility for kittens and cats. Our little 6 month old kitten spent thanksgiving week with Animal Keepers. He was well cared for. Great staff. Accommodating and caring. Thank you.
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Sarah W. Avatar
Sarah W.
5 star ratingI was looking for a dog trainer for Blue and when Rurik Vigo took blue in his training . Blue is a new dog , no anxiety, no run wild, no afraid of dogs barking . Blue has become so discipline, confident , more happy. He still has great personality but more structure. We are so happy that we can communicate with Blue . Forever Thankful with Rurik. "You made for our family a life Changer . For the following 12-15years"
Thank you Ines,Jermaine and Blue
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Jermaine T. Avatar
Jermaine T.
5 star ratingOur puppy loves it there!! He hops out and runs to the gate wagging his tail. I have total peace of mind.
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Kristi D. Avatar
Kristi D.
5 star ratingHave used animal keeper as a solid backup for my dog's care when out of town. I prefer a suite which is a lager comfortable room with Tv and toys. My dog seems less stressed in this environment. The only problem I see is there is an extra charge for everything. Should have an all inclusive fee. Play time, night time tuck in, should be included.
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Bobbi .. Avatar
Bobbi ..
5 star ratingI took my dog here for a 20-day "Board and Train" over the holidays. Rurik worked with my 5 yo rescue dog to continue to desensitize her and reduce/stop her dog reactivity when on the leash. He also focused on her obedience on a leash since she is a puller. Her dog reactivity is extremely reduced, as long as I'm diligent in setting her up for success (keeping the right distance and using "watch me" cue), we avoid any reactivity. I used to feel anxious about her reactivity on walks, not knowing what would happen. Now I feel it is managed and I feel calm on walks. Many times she now looks to me when she sees another dog because she's conditioned to be paid (treats and praise). Also, Rurik laid the ground work for her to "heel" and her pulling is reduced as long as I continue to "work her" (get her to heel while we walk). I'm continuing to work with my dog to stop/reduce the pulling and it will take time but I feel there is a path forward and improvement which I'm grateful for. I highly recommend Rurik and the Animal Keeper!
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Melissa M. Avatar
Melissa M.
5 star ratingWe have taken our male dog to their boarding facility when our female went into heat, twice. We do not have our dogs spayed/neutered unit they are over 2 years of age. Animal Keeper took really good care of our male who was there twice for approximately 5-7 days each time. It was stressful enough having our male dog away from us for 5-7 days, but knowing they took good care of him helped. We were able to call them every day to check on him, & they were so nice giving us updates. We did not visit him as we did not want to upset him by visiting & then leave him again. Animal Keeper is a safe & good alternative if you need to leave your fur babies somewhere for a few days. KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB ANIMAL KEEPER!
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G G. Avatar
G G.
5 star ratingMy dog, Ace is always happy to go to the Animal Keeper. The team there knows which group works well for his group play. The process of day play or overnight dropoff is very easy and quick. We have been going here for about 2 years, and have always had a good experience. Staff is great.
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Stuart E. Avatar
Stuart E.
5 star ratingWe have boarded our 2 year old sproodle Luna a few times at the Animal Keeper Encinitas, this latest time was the longest we've ever boarded her - almost 3 weeks. The most important thing to us in choosing a boarding facility is how Luna does afterwards, and after being boarded here she is always calm, happy, her appetite (which can be problematic) is good, she looks healthy and it takes minimal effort to get her adjusted back to home life, even after 3 weeks of boarding. My only gripe is that they don't have cameras for us to look at Luna while we're away from her but the staff is always very happy to give me an update on how she is doing when I call to check on her. Highly recommend!
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Diana V. Avatar
Diana V.
Oliver was well cared for during his stay here and had fun interacting with other guests. He really enjoyed the Sports package
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Charles B. Avatar
Charles B.
5 star ratingI would give The Animal Keeper 10 stars if I could. My dog loves going to both the Oceanside and Encinitas locations for camp and boarding. She is excited to go in and happy and relaxed coming out. The staff is helpful and friendly. It is really the best!
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Mary V. Avatar
Mary V.
5 star ratingThis place is awesome! my dog, mr tucker loves going there for day camp! it doesn't get much better. Thanks to everyone, working there, for running a smooth operation. AAA+++
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Debbie S. Avatar
Debbie S.
Boy does my Subie 🐶 girl really like this place. These guys are awesome. Always very attentive to small details. Great place to bring your pet for the day or for boarding. We highly recommend….😉
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Caesar Gomez Avatar
Caesar G.
The Animal Keeper is wonderful! It has been a great help when I have to work, and my dog Winston loves it! The employees are super friendly and helpful always.
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Meghan S Avatar
Meghan S.
Great place and staff. They take great care of my wildly hyper dog.
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Ryan Milligan Avatar
Ryan M.
Josh and the whole team at The Animal Keeper (Oceanside) are beyond amazing. I am so grateful for their patience and care. it makes me so happy to know that my (6-year old) Australian Cattledog is able to play and socialize under watchful + knowledgeable staff, when i’m stuck in meetings or have a busy day of errands. Thank you everyone at TAK.
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Kimlien Le Avatar
Kimlien L.
5 star ratingThey take great care of my Husky. The groomers do a wonderful job. I love that they socialize her with dogs her size and she gets to spend time outside playing. The only thing that drives me nuts is a minor customer service issue. I call and book a stay for husky. They ask me what services and camps that I want to book for my dog. At the front desk when I am dropping off my dog, they ask me to fill out a form requesting all the same information that I had given over the phone. It is annoying and sometimes I am in a hurry to get to work. Please use another customer service form or take better notes so everyone is on the same page. Other then that, thank you Animal Keeper for taking good care of my furry princess.
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Isaac R. Avatar
Isaac R.
Moose plays in the tots day camp every week! He loves to go play. They’ll add on a bath anytime I ask for a good price. Very accommodating. Staff knows moose the moment we walk in and they offer punch cards so you’re in & out in a breeze!
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Brittney Grayson Avatar
Brittney G.
Amazing, caring staff. Both of our dogs love it here. I feel safe letting The Animal Keeper watch our babies. It was a huge relief to find a place that is professional and kind.
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candice foxworth Avatar
candice f.
We have a new dog. A young, energetic male! He loves to play at daycare, and helping him burn-off energy gives us a break too. So it’s good for everyone!
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Regenerator G1 Avatar
Regenerator G.
5 star ratingI have been taking my dog Nellie to the animal keeper for many years.
i take her to day care , I use the boarding also when I need to.
I have left her more than a week before and she comes back to me
very happy, well fed and tired ! she gets to play all the time as I also
use the day camp with the boarding .
I also use the grooming facility & Kristie does a great job !
I don't use any other boarding facility .
the animal keeper takes good care of Nellie.
Thankyou so much
Jackie vandeventer
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Jackie V. Avatar
Jackie V.
My dog loves the animal keeper so much and I love the employees that work there. There’s never been a time where drop off has ever been difficult when it comes to daycare and they work with me with my crazy hospital schedule. my dog looks forward to daycare. She knows exactly the way there so her tail is wagging from the time we make that right turn. I recommend doggy daycare to anyone, but I really recommend the animal keeper to everyone. We will come here forever! Thank you for being the best daycare!
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Kyra Chasteen Avatar
Kyra C.
5 star ratingLOVE this place! Our pup has so much fun playing all day with the other dogs and the staff are so much fun. Thank you Animal Keeper for being our home away from home.
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Krysten B. Avatar
Krysten B.
We have tried a few other camps around town hands down 100% recommend The Animal Keeper Oceanside The staff is very welcoming and the facility is very clean my boys absolutely love going to doggie day camp they come home exhausted its great 😃
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Darcie Millett Avatar
Darcie M.
5 star ratingHave been looking for a clean, dog friendly and & people friendly day care for my dog Jedi. Also, have had groomer service and overnite care. Staff friendly and welcoming.
Toured the facility and appreciated the cleanliness of campus. Fees are compatible and customer service meets expectations.

Jedi's Mom-
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Maria H. Avatar
Maria H.
Our two fur babies- Bug and Ellie, absolutely love the facility, activities and staff. It is especially heartwarming when I drop them off and the staff remembers them. I am comforted knowing that they are safe and well cared for.
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Ivette Gall Avatar
Ivette G.
We LOVE The Animal Keeper in Oceanside!! The staff is very friendly & always answers our calls when checking in on Mojo. We love it so much we drive all the way down from Dana Point & Mojo (our Husky) loves it so much sometimes it’s hard to get him to leave! Highly recommended for all furry friends. Thank you Animal Keeper!
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RUDY Andrews Avatar
Amazing staff and my dog Hugo always has a wonderful time!
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Amber Leigland Avatar
Amber L.
4 star ratingThe Animal Keeper on College Blvd in Oceanside is my dogs favorite place! She came to me with terrible separation anxiety and after one visit there, can't wait to go again. She has been boarded for several days and also attends day camp weekly. The staff is great and I know my girl is in good hands! I highly recommend them!
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Philippa E. Avatar
Philippa E.
5 star ratingAmazing place, my dog Molly loves it here! Super caring staff and animal loving people!
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Renato V. Avatar
Renato V.
5 star ratingThis place is phenomenal I regularly board and do the day camp here and I sorta get jealous how excited my girl is when we walk through to door to see Bryan or Roberta, they take such great care of her. Also Justin who does the group play with the dogs does an amazing job with my VERY high energy girl. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
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Christopher S. Avatar
Christopher S.
5 star ratingI have been taking my dog to The Animal Keeper for several months and she just loves it there. The facility is clean and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. When Zelda was ready for training I signed her up for a 20 day training program. Her trainer, Garrett, was patient and kind and made training fun for not just our dog but also us. Zelda learned all her basic obedience quickly and through positive reinforcement. It was well worth the time and money spent. Although Zelda is still an active and playful girl, she has become a lot easier to control and 100 percent more pleasant to take out in public places. I highly recommend The Animal Keeper for not only camp, daycare, and boarding, but also training.
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Joy D. Avatar
Joy D.
5 star ratingTwo weeks late but boy do these doggies still smell so good. Special thanks to Animal Keeper for accommodating our fur babies and adhering to their special requests. Highly recommended!
Staff was very friendly and helpful. They even helped me bring them in and out of my car.
Pricing was very reasonable and there was no "fine print" hidden charges. We will definitely be coming back!
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Alyssa G. Avatar
Alyssa G.
I found a safe place for my cat to stay whilecwe were waiting for our closing day for our new house. They are so friendly and helpful. The place for my cat was so cute with windows. I recommend this place if you cant bring your pets to your vacation this is the best temporary place for them. Thank you The Animal Keeper for taking care of Tommy!.
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Ritchell Jacinto Avatar
Ritchell J.
5 star ratingHave been taking my pup here for years.

I put most trust in the Animal Keeper - specifically the one in Poway. The team, their process, professionalism, and compassion makes this the best pet boarding and camp facility in all of San Diego.

Shout out to Roberta and Justin and the rest of the staff team + owners.

Huge thanks.
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Brighter S. Avatar
Brighter S.
I am a rescue owner for 2.7 years(covid adoption) of an energetic; smart and lovable mixed jack russell. Animal Keeper staff at Poway have assisted me every step of the way of adjustments for my rescue when I had to return to my classroom for work on site during pandemic.I am a special education teacher and my school/work hours are long.I could not in good conscience leave my fur baby in my apartment alone when I go to work. The rising costs of everything have also led me to feel I may not be able to continue keeping my rescue. Daniel Byrum (manager) stepped up again yesterday with a plan to assist me and my furbaby in upcoming months. I was in tears to realize that I would not have to relinquish her. My Friday night last night turned completely around after work. My heart is on the mend today and thank you Daniel and all staff at Animal Keeper Poway for showing that there are still good souls/hearts who really care for our precious family additions.
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Mary Law Avatar
Mary L.
5 star ratingGigi did an awesome grooming on my 6lb Yorkie, Stella. I was really nervous as Stella is a super nervous and barky dog. When Gigi came out to greet us, she put me at ease right away with her confidence and knowledge of little dogs. She was really personable and had great energy. The grooming itself was great and Stella looks adorable. Thank you Gigi
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Melanie B. Avatar
Melanie B.
Awesome 👌 👏 👍
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D Taylor Avatar
D T.
Love this place. My dog always whines with anticipation when we get close and runs right in! They have a sports package where active dogs get to play for hours during their stay. My dog comes back healthy and happy, albeit tired! Air conditioned for the dogs on hot days.
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Stephen Gross Avatar
Stephen G.
Love this place. Better yet…our dog loves this place. He runs to door wherever we drop him off. Staff are super friendly and clearly love pets. Their report cards are hilarious. I am so happy to have found a place that makes it easy for us to drop off our pet, enjoy a guilt-free vacation or just a day trip, and know he is happy and safe.
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Janet Bowers Avatar
Janet B.
5 star ratingI could not say enough good things about this place! I originally came here for training for my golden retriever puppy and was lucky enough to get Garrett as our trainer! He was so patient, listened to our concerns, sent us videos of him training our girl, and I was able to text him with any questions or concerns! After our 10 day training was up he still said I could text him anytime with any questions in the future. Our golden had improved on everything we asked for (jumping up, leash training, and recall) and we couldn't be happier! THANK YOU Animal Keeper and Garrett!
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Morgan G. Avatar
Morgan G.
5 star ratingI have no words to describe how wonderful this place is. I have been taking my dog here for a while now and they have been so accommodating, & wonderful. Roberta is honestly the best! She is always so welcoming, helpful, & I am truly grateful for her. I am also thankful that my dog was able to work with Garrett, one of the dog trainers. All I will say is, wow. He was so professional, loving towards our dog, extremely helpful, and knows what he is doing. I HIGHLY recommend him if you are looking for one on one dog training. I have a nervous aussie that would bark at literally everything, pull hard on the leash while walking, & we needed help in these areas. Garrett did such an AMAZING job. Our Aussie showed so much improvement and we can now walk her confidently without her freaking out over everything or bark at everyone or anything that moves. Thank you Animal Keeper, we are forever grateful, including Mochi.
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Sara C. Avatar
Sara C.
5 star ratingI just got off the phone with Roberta to have my Guinea pig boarded for a long weekend. She was so helpful, understanding and could tell she's phenomenal at her job. She answered all the important questions and eased my anxiety for leaving our first pet overnight for the first time! Highly recommend.
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Dana B. Avatar
Dana B.
5 star ratingAnimal Keeper is our life saver...my golden loves this place and cries (in happiness) every time I pull into the parking lot! They are also very considerate and have called me when my dog got slightly hurt to inform me! The staff is excellent and truly care about all the pets!!!
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Meg J. Avatar
Meg J.
5 star ratingThey're really good!!!! We trust them with our puppy. Good value & we can travel in peace when we're out of town.
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Terry P. Avatar
Terry P.
5 star ratingMy dogs love their doggie daycare. I like that the dogs are separated by their sizes (Small or Large) for the play areas. One of my dogs is afraid of bigger dogs so he's happy to be just other dogs his size. They come home exhausted from playing all day.

They are strict about vaccinations so check if you're up to date before taking your dog there. They required a couple of the vaccines to be given every 6 months instead of yearly. I forgot which ones.
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Sharon B. Avatar
Sharon B.
Personal attention, flexible with dog's needs, caring staff.
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Catherine Tindall Avatar
Catherine T.
The guys and girls at Animal Keepers treat Axel like he is a member of the family. He always gets the Royal Treatment when he attends Daycare. Axel loves Spa Day because he is pampered from head to paw. He is always excited to attend camp where he attends obedience training and gets to play hard all day. Once he gets home from camp, he is knocked out for the rest of the evening.
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James Williams Avatar
James W.
My dogs love their doggie daycare. I like that the dogs are separated by their sizes (Small or Large) for the play areas. One of my dogs is afraid of bigger dogs so he's happy to be just other dogs his size. They come home exhausted from playing all day. They are strict about vaccinations so check if you're up to date before taking your dog there. They required a couple of the vaccines to be given every 6 months instead of yearly. I forgot which ones.
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Sharon Black Avatar
Sharon B.
My dog is so happy with all the staff at The Animal Keeper! They are definitely animal lovers -- great to "peek" into the play-yard and see dogs running and a counselor with three happy pooches on his lap! The staff keep the yards, office and grooming areas clean -- you can see the pride in their work. Great second home for my dog!!
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Francine Martinez Avatar
Francine M.