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Puppy Day Academy Grads – Feb 2019

March 7, 2019 | Pet Services


Bear, Lab Mix

Good Socialization/Manners with other older and younger dogs
Crate Training was a success…Bear loves his crate
Mastered STAY–so important for general control
Mastered HEEL–making his walks pleasant
Bear was a pro at grooming handling techniques and getting accustom to teeth brushing and future vet visits
He was an awesome grad and now is a Pet Suites Camper and loves his camp buddies.

Bear was Most Accomplished!


Ella, Goldendoodle

Socialization was great….she loves her friends and has good manners.
Crate Training—a master.
Roll-Over command…Ella is a pro.
Mastered STAY– always important for safety and general control
Ella was exposed to grooming and over-all body handling to make her future groom and vet visits comfortable.
Mastered the Poochie Bells (hangs on door) to signal the need to potty.

Ella was a Perfect Star Student!

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