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Mutt Mail

Preventing Fights: Training with Penny Milne

September 16, 2013 | Tips and Training

Certified Trainer & author/expert on dog behavior

We work hard to ensure that Pet Suites/The Animal Keeper is a fun, safe place for you pet to play and stay. We study and train to keep our skills (reading body language, understanding behavior, being effective teachers and coaches for our dog friends, etc) tuned up. We screen dogs carefully, using the SAFER research-based evaluation, and our alert Camp Counselors supervise play 100 % of the time, using cheerful intervention to promptly interrupt any brewing naughtiness. 99% of our efforts are focused on Prevention. Because we do an excellent job, fights are very rare in our peaceable kingdom!  But —just as we practice evacuation drills, we ensure that we are always at the top of our game, and ready to keep pets safe, by practicing our Fight Drills.

Of course, we would not allow any of our canine crew to actually fight —so we rehearse our skills and tools with near-life-size fake dogs! We do a classroom portion, learning about prevention, patterns to watch for, etc, Once we have reviewed tools and techniques, then we dive in and practice! Yup, it looks a bit funny, but we are willing to embarrass ourselves wrangling Rufus The stuffed Rottweiler in order to make sure that if a fight ever did occur, we would be ready to act, fast and smart.