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Poppy Willow Pet Products

March 15, 2022 | General

The focus was to create high quality, veterinary-formulated products focused on Pet Wellness. Poppy Willow is committed to providing you with naturally sourced Hemp Oil products specifically intended for better absorption in dogs & cats.

What Is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is a naturally occurring product extract from the hemp plant. It is non-psychoactive meaning your dog won’t get “high”. Unlike other products we blend our Hemp oil with food products like wild-caught salmon oil that can be easily digested by pets.

Hemp Oil for Dogs

Broad spectrum hemp oil is extracted, cleaned and purified in a multi-step process which results in a clean concentrated wax-like resin. The hemp oil is made of hundreds of separate compounds. It is thought these compounds may have a synergistic and beneficial effect. We use a carrier oil, in our case high quality salmon oil, to dilute our hemp oil to a known concentration that can be measured accurately for your pet.

A Veterinary formulated custom blend of hemp oil for dogs combined with pet-friendly ingredients.

Here are the benefits of introducing CBD products to you dog

Joints & Mobility
Broad spectrum hemp oil combined with the omega 3’s found in our high quality, wild caught salmon oil may have positive effects on your dogs’ joints, connective tissues and mobility. These include enhancing healthy joint fluid viscosity, helping to relieve occasional joint stiffness and supporting collagen and proteoglycans. Omega-3 fatty acids may also help decrease normal inflammatory pathways.

Calming & Phobias
Poppy Willow understands there are a variety of reasons your pet may be challenged/rattled from situationally-induced stress causing anxiousness. These may include recent moves, new pets, babies, other people living in your home, or loss of a close companion just to name a few. Broad-spectrum hemp oil may help calm pets from nervousness, hyperactivity, stress related to separation or moving, and motion sickness. Hemp oil may also act to curb destructive behaviors. In general, loss of normal routine can have profound effects on our furry friends and we at Poppy Willow feel our broad-spectrum hemp oil may be able to help.

Age & Wellness
We at Poppy Willow understand that age is not an ailment but with age comes a variety of normal age-related concerns. Poppy Willow broad-spectrum hemp extract may help to minimize those effects by supporting cardiovascular function, cognitive function, joint flexibility and mobility, and physical and mental well-being. Poppy Willow cannot make your loved one young again but may help him/her grow older a little more comfortably.

Gastrointestinal Health
We at Poppy Willow understand our furry friends can often have upset digestive tract for a myriad of normal reasons. Broad spectrum hemp oil can calm the stomach and, by supporting a healthy GI tract, may also support a healthy immune system. It may also aid in reducing nausea and loose stool due to normal environmental stressors or changes in the diet.

Immune Support
We all know how important a healthy immune system is for both ourselves and our furry friends. So, it is with this in mind that we feel Poppy Willow broad spectrum hemp oil may be of some benefit. Hemp oil along with the omega 3’s found in the salmon oil may help support the immune system by promoting homeostasis and promoting the body’s normal ability to resist pathogens. Antioxidants also help maintain normal DNA. The imune systems is the body’s best defense, let’s do what we can to help it succeed.

The Poppy Willow Difference

A blend of Broad Spectrum Hemp oil and wild caught salmon oil. Many pet owners are familiar with Salmon being a phenomenal source of omega 3’s and omega 6’s. It’s easy on your pet’s digestive system and allows for proper absorption of the hemp oil components.

Poppy Willow challenged the industries current serving size and administration. At Poppy Willow your pet will be given the proper serving size through a sophisticated delivery system. The Pet CBD oil is delivered with a serving syringe guaranteeing ease of use and better absorption. While the industry standard is to put the product onto your pet’s food, we suggest simply to line your pets’ gum lines using our syringe and your pet will get the full benefits of the product.

We are committed to providing new and sophisticated ways to bring your dog the highest quality, organically sourced, and healthiest CBD for pets.

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