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Pet Grooming

The Animal Keeper proudly offers full service pet spa and grooming services at all of our facilities. A full pet grooming includes a bath, blow dry, brush-out, breed specific or customer requested haircut, ears cleaning, nails trimmed, and anal glands expression. Our commitment is to help ensure your pet’s health by providing services that promote good hygiene from nails to coat.

Pet Spa & Pet Grooming

Having a regular grooming schedule for your pets is an important aspect of pet care, no matter how short or long your pup’s or kitty’s coat may be. While pets may groom themselves by licking their coats or pulling twigs or debris out of their fur, there are still many ways that we can help them look their best and be comfortable. Grooming your pets is more than making them look adorably clean and spruced up, it’s also about monitoring your pet’s health and skin condition. A spa package can be created if your pet has special needs. Whether it’s dog grooming or cat grooming, all guests will be given the personalized, professional care they need.

We have highly experienced pet groomers at each location that care for your pets. The Animal Keeper encourages continuing education, and provides such opportunities by allowing grooming staff to work with a very accomplished master groomer to sharpen skills and grow experience.

Pet grooming appointments book up fast, so we recommend booking grooming appointments in advance. The price for all pet-grooming services varies and is dependent on the breed, coat condition, skin condition, matting, style of cut, and whether or not the dog has an undercoat. Prior to pet grooming, a groomer will determine final pricing and evaluate each pet.

Whether just a bath, a groom, or a full on pet spa treatment with blueberry facial, your pet will benefit from and enjoy the treatments The Animal Keeper offers.


Bathing your pets helps to keep their coat and skin clean and healthy, can cut down on pet odor, and is the easiest way for our pet groomers to spot if your pets have fleas or other skin irritations. When your pet is done with our bathing services, their coat should be free of tangles and mats, blown dry, their fur / hair should smell fresh, their nails should be cut, and their ears should be squeaky clean.


Brushing works to brush out dirt from your pet’s coat, prevent tangles and mats from forming, and remove dead hair/fur from their coat. Also, regularly having your pets brushed and bathed can significantly help with shedding, much to the relief of many pet owners.

Nail Trimming

Trimming your pet’s nails saves you the worry of cutting the nails of your dogs or cats too short at home. Active dogs that wear down nails naturally might not require trimming, but for dogs with long nails, trimming them helps to keep nails short and prevents painful injuries and discomfort that may occur when nails grow too long. Nails are trimmed whenever pets are groomed, however this service can also be performed between regular grooming appointments.

Ear Cleaning

Cleaning ears helps to remove dirt and debris, and allows for groomers to monitor ear health. This step of the grooming process is especially important for dogs that have heavy earwax or inner ear hair. If groomers find red, irritated or inflamed skin accompanied by debris or a foul odor, they may alert you and recommend your pet visit a veterinarian.


Giving your pet a haircut is another fun aspect of pet grooming and will help your dogs and cats feel comfortable and keep them looking their best. To ensure you are happy about how your pets look at pickup, before the pet grooming, you are able speak directly to our pet groomers, and you’ll be able to explain desired cuts, lengths, cleaning products used, skin care specifics, and anything else your pet could want!

Additional Services

Blueberry Facial

For pets that want the full spa experience, or a yummy smelling face, The Animal Keeper offers Blueberry Facial. This product is a soothing facial that is soap free, tearless and aromatheraputic. Some say it is even better than any whitening shampoo.

Teeth Brushing

Clean teeth are healthy teeth. Having your pet’s teeth brushed helps to prevent against the buildup of tarter and plaque, and if done routinely, can help impede the development gingivitis and gum disease.

Coat Conditioners

For pets whose coats need some extra attention and care, Our Spa Special includes adding oatmeal, brightening, or low-shed shampoo, or replenishing conditioner to your cat’s of dog’s coat and comes with fragrance or a bow.

Flea and Tick Treatments

For our four-legged friends that find themselves with those dreaded fleas, The Animal Keeper can help with our flea and tick special, which includes an all-natural instant relief spray and medicated flea and tick bath that is followed by an herbal flea preventative application. Whenever treating a pet for fleas we recommend the pet owner treat the home, yard and car to ensure successful eradication. If your pet is on an oral or topical flea treatment, please inform us.

Shed-RELIEF Treatments

Many pet owners are familiar with one of the drawbacks of pet ownership, piles of pet hair everywhere. Pet hair is more than an annoyance; a hair filled environment presents a hygiene problem and is unhealthy for anyone with allergies.

Our trained Shed-RELIEF Technicians follow a six-step treatment process using specialized Shed-RELIEF products and tools. The treatment includes a thorough brushing with the best brushes and combs for each pet’s particular coat type that works to relieve pets of heavy undercoat and loose hair shafts, and a pet bath with special shampoos and conditioners to moisturize the skin and coat. To complete the process, an anti-shedding solution is applied. You will really notice a difference in the reduction of pet hair on your furniture and clothing. Try it—you’ll love it!

Shed-RELIEF is available for dogs and cats.

Medicated Shampoos

For pets that have itchy skin, The Animal Keeper offers Medicated Shampoos, which help to sooth and relieves itchy skin. If your pet is suffering from Seborrhea or Flea Bite Dermatitis, we can recommend a special medicated shampoo for your pet’s treatment. Always consult your veterinarian for any questions about your dog’s health.


Oh no, you’ve been sprayed! Our de-skunking package includes a neutralizing shampoo and spray that helps eliminate skunk odor.

Contact The Animal Keeper to hear about all our ala carte pet services!

For more information regarding pet grooming, please contact your nearest The Animal Keeper location.

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