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Pet Boarding

The Animal Keeper provides a number of pet boarding options to choose from, including dog boarding, cat boarding, bird boarding, and pocket pets boarding. We take pride in our clean, climate-controlled and stress-free pet boarding facility where your pet can safely and comfortably reside while you’re away. We provide the best possible pet accommodations for all guests, even if your pet would feel more comfortable in their own kennel, cage, aquarium, or even luxury suite for those who enjoy a little extra pizazz! Whether your pet is outgoing or a little on the shy side, your best friend will feel right at home. The Animal Keeper staff is professional, well-trained, and truly care for the safety of your pets. We emphasize staff training and education to ensure that advanced safety protocols are followed and that prevention (as opposed to intervention) is practiced. Our team consists of certified pet care technicians, and all new employees are required to attend a pet care certification training program. The Animal Keeper also promotes staff continuing education programs including pet care, animal safety training, one-on-one training, and drills instructed by Penny Milne, our Executive Trainer. During your pet’s stay, we make frequent kennel rounds and are constantly monitoring the behavior, health, and well-being of your pet. The Animal Keeper knows your pets are considered family and have special needs. We truly love your pets and care for them as if they were our own. We’ve been providing pet care for over 35 years and that’s why we’re San Diego County’s choice for pet boarding. We invite you to come take a personal tour; but, if you can’t wait, view our virtual tour!

Dog Boarding

When your “best friend” is a guest at The Animal Keeper, rest assured they will love their “home away from home”. It’s our pleasure to go the extra mile to make sure your canine friend’s stay is comfortable. Each dog kennel is provided with comfy bed and blankets. If your dog has a few favorite toys, they’re more than welcome to bring them along to make their dog boarding experience more enjoyable. When it’s feeding time at The Animal Keeper, we provide NutriSource kibble and wet food, but owners are welcome to bring in their own food for a small fee. Clean water is continuously provided throughout the day. At The Animal Keeper Encinitas, we have 18 luxury suites called the “Village”. These dog suites are built with high ceilings for added noise reduction. Each pet suite has a cozy dog bunk and a personal TV that plays “Muttinees” during the day. When it slows down for the evening, The Animal Keeper streams “Through a Dogs Ear” – a soundtrack filled with soothing classical music – throughout the dog boarding facility. Classical music has been shown to calm our canine companions further adding to their stress-free stay. Potty breaks occur 5-7 times daily.

Cat Boarding

Our Cattery is a wonderful, subdued and quiet environment that your kitty will love during their cat boarding stay. It’s well known that our feline friends’ have an affinity for lounging in warm spaces, so it should come as no surprise that our cat boarding facility is structured to have plenty of access to sunlight. Your cat will also enjoy snoozing in their comfortable kitty condo, equipped with cozy bedding. When the clock strikes playtime, cat boarding guests are let out to climb on “cat trees” and are loved on daily by The Animal Keeper staff. For your cat’s added pleasure, your cat can mouse around with toys provided by The Animal Keeper or they can bring his or her own – just for that homey feel we all love. When cats get hungry, they’re meowing for NutriSource kibble and wet food, chicken and lamb flavors, provided by The Animal Keeper. However, owners are allowed to bring their own food for a small charge. Cats always have access to fresh water.

Birds and Pocket Pets

Don’t forget, we love pocket pets too! We offer small pet boarding for rabbits, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, rats, frogs, and birds. Our smaller guests are kept in a calm and quiet room, separate from our more rambunctious and vocal four legged friends. Our boarding facility provides animals with fresh water that is changed daily and pets are fed per owners directions. Owners are welcome to bring fruits and vegetables for pets to enjoy during their stay. For the continued comfort of the animals, cages are also cleaned daily, and employees monitor pets to ensure they’re safe and happy while at The Animal Keeper. Whether it’s a cage or aquarium, The Animal Keeper can accommodate your reptile boarding, rodent boarding or bird boarding needs!

Pet Activities

At The Animal Keeper, we like to keep your pets entertained and busy. Your pet can choose from the following, additional pet activities when they stay with us.

  • Doggie Day Camp
  • Dog Daycare
  • One-On-One Play
  • 1-Hour Group Play with Friends
  • Good Manners
  • Story Time, Tuck-In Service
  • Yappy Hour
  • Spa Treatments

Learn more about all pet activities to find the right one for your pet.


Package pricing does NOT include the boarding rate.

Important Information



Rabies (given at least 2 weeks prior to check-in, 12 month or 36 month) 
DHPP (given at least 2 weeks prior to check-in, renewed annually) Bordetella (given at least 72 hours before check-in, or within 6 months of current visit) Canine influenza (given at least 2 weeks prior to check-in, needs booster (only first dose recommended for boarding), renewed annually)


Rabies (given at least 2 weeks prior to check-in, 12 month or 36 month) Feline Distemper – FVRCP (given 2 weeks prior to check-in; renewed annually)


Your pet must be free of fleas and ticks when entering. We will be happy to bathe your pet if external parasites are present for an additional fee.



We are glad to be able to accommodate pets that need medications for an additional charge per administration.


Pets own food—We are glad to be able to accommodate pets that have special feeding needs. Pre-package daily portions—please inquire.


We also offer a Camp and Day Care Punchcard, ask for details. Inoculation requirements are the same as for boarding dogs. All pets over six months of age must be spayed or neutered. Dogs cannot participate in Play Groups if they are aggressive to people or other dogs. Ask about our Day Care program if your pet is aggressive.

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