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Pet Activities

At The Animal Keeper  we like to keep your pets entertained and busy when they stay with us.

One-on-One Play

Not a camper? Like one-on-one human interaction with a little game of fetch, a belly rub, a little fresh air and sunshine? We’ve got you covered! While your pet is staying at The Animal Keeper, give them a special gift of extra “Playtime”. Extra playtime is offered to all pets during their stay. For a small daily fee a staff member will throw a ball, run and play or just sit and love your friend as many times a day as you request. Extra playtime for dogs is outdoors on grassy lawns and our feline friends enjoy their extra pampering indoors. They’ll thank you for it! Please, don’t forget to sign up your best friend up for some extra “Playtime”!

1-Hour Group Play with Friends

1-Hour Play Group is designed for pets that want to get out and play with friends, but may no longer have the zing and pep in their paws like they used to. With this service your pup will be able to join Camp or Tiny Tots for one hour instead of our full day option.

Good Manners

In House Training (Boarding or Day School) Need to learn sit, stay, come, walk calmly on a leash, or curb the jumping and pulling? It is all possible with a little training. Sign up for sessions during boarding, camp or daycare. View all pet training services.

Story Time, Tuck-in Service

Like that extra cuddle and attention before bed time? Sign up for tuck-in service. Cuddle up for your favorite story and a special treat!

Yappy Hour

Everyone needs a snack after their workout! Sign up for Yappy Hour and get a special treat while relaxing in a cool calm space. Enjoy special chicken biscuits or peanut paws.

Spa Treatments

Blueberry facial, pawdicure, shed relief treatment, coat moisturizing treatment, or a simple massage; the perfect end to a stressful day! View all pet grooming services.

Music Through A Dog's Ear

Yes that is correct! The canine nervous system is extremely sensitive to sound – and the special arrangements of classical music provided in the Through a Dog’s Ear series has been scientifically proven to have a profound soothing impact on anxious dogs. We play this special music throughout our facilities to help calm the dogs and provide an enjoyable environment for their pleasure.

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