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Mutt Mail

Mutt Mail September 2023

September 22, 2023 | Mutt Mail

Mutt Mail September

Pet Profiles

Encinitas: Kaia
Favorite Toy: Teddy bear
Obsession: Being chased around the house
Naughtiest Deed: Chasing after the cat
Pet Peeve: Not getting pets

Oceanside : BooBerry
Favorite Toy: Fishing pole toy (cat toy for dogs)
Obsession: Food
Naughtiest Deed: Trash digger
Pet Peeve: Vacuum cleaner

Poway : Benji
Favorite Toy: Dirty, worn out, knotted rope
Obsession: Treats!! And playing with friends (animals + people) at Animal Keepers
Naughtiest Deed: Escaping out of the backyard and going on a walkabout to visit all the neighbors and give dogs kisses (whether they wanted them or not)
Pet Peeve: Not getting to play with friends

Grooming Spotlight

“Fabulous Fitz” groomed by Hannah at Encinitas
“Ravishing Riley” groomed by Kris Beesley at Oceanside/Carlsbad
“Gretel All Groomed” groomed by GiGi at Poway

The Angels Among Us Adopting Unwanted, Imperfect Pets

Cute young pets get adopted at record speed, while certain groups of less-adoptable pets can spend years waiting in animal shelters for their forever homes. Tragically, some of these ‘less-prefect’ pets – especially senior pets – never make it out alive. Do you have what it takes to be an ‘angel?’

Simple New Tool for Eradicating Resistant Lyme Disease

New study proves them better at killing resistant Lyme bacteria in people than meds, which could spare you long-term suffering. For pets, ask your vet to run this test to differentiate exposure from infection. As a preventive, spritz this homemade repellent on your pet daily.

Finicky Pets Might Dislike This, but It Helps Fight Tumors

Can help boost your pet’s ability to fight cancer, shed toxins, cleanse the blood, and more. The nutrients are amazingly bioavailable, far better than any supplement. So it’s worth trying to get them to eat it. How to do it right, whether or not your pet loves the first bite.

Plato – Pet Treats

Chicken Jerky with Pumpkin 7 oz.

Chicken Jerky with Goat’s Milk 7 oz.

Real Strips Turkey with Sweet Potato Meat Bar Dog Treats 6 oz.

Real Strips Turkey with Cranberry Meat Bar Dog Treats 6 oz.

Now Available – $8.99 each

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