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Mutt Mail

Mutt Mail October 2022

October 18, 2022 | Mutt Mail

Trick or Treat Photoshoot

For just $20, your dog will participate in a Halloween themed photoshoot! All participants will receive a photo from the shoot to take home and proudly display!

Pet Profiles

Favorite Toy: Dinosaur
Obsession: Rawhide (Nohide) Chew
Naughtiest Deed: Barking
Pet Peeve: Doesn’t like her harness even when going to the beach!

Favorite Toy: Ice cream cone stuffed toy
Obsession: Being picked up
Naughtiest Deed: Taking up the whole bed (my bed)
Pet Peeve: Not being able to play at the vet

Nala & Simba
Favorite Toy: Simba : Nala, specifically Nala’s ears. Nala: My blue dragon
Obsession: Belly rubs
Naughtiest Deed: Taking turns pretending to need to potty so mom will let us out in the backyard to eat mulch
Pet Peeve: Closed doors. Why do the two-leggers insist on closing doors? We should be able to follow them everywhere!

Grooming Spotlight

‘Buffed Bodhi’ – Groomed by Tatsiana from Encinitas
‘Chopped Chapulin’ – Groomed by Elizabeth from Oceanside/Carlsbad
‘Spiffy Snoop’ – Groomed by Kristina from Poway

Tips on Welcoming Trick-or-Treaters with Pets at Home

If you decide to stay home on Trick-or-Treat night, here are some tips on welcoming trick-or-treaters with pet at home.

9 Spooky Things - Your Pet Should Avoid on Halloween

Halloween is always a fun holiday for humans, although it’s important to take precautions to ensure furry family members wake up healthy, happy and safe on November 1st

Most pet parents are aware of well-known Halloween dangers like chocolate candy, but there are several other potential hazards you may not have thought of.

Keeping Your Cat Safe at Halloween

Dressing up in spooky costumes may be great fun for us, but our cats may not be enjoying this frightful season.

Team Members

Audrey – From Oceanside/Carlsbad, at the front desk, with Thor

Garrett Rebarchek – Trainer The Animal Keeper Poway

Garrett is originally from San Diego but has traveled all around the world studying animal behavior. He has grown up around all kinds of unique animals and it is with animals that his passion lives.

Garrett has a B.S. in biology from Regis University in Denver Colorado. Garrett found his passion for animal training while studying under the master animal trainers at the San Diego Zoo.

Garrett loves to improve the lives of the animals he trains and their human companions through training.

Cats Need...

Here is an infographic about how you can make your cat happier!

Changing the sad plight of Black Pets

The myth that black cats bring bad luck has not only prevailed over the years, it now includes black dogs. Because black pets are usually the last ones to find forever homes…

Witch's Potion Punch DIY Dog Treat

Yield: About 3 cups
Serving size: 1 cup
Prep time: 10 minutes
Total time: 10 minutes

Strawberry Ghosts DIY Dog Treat Recipe

Yields: 6 treats
Serving size: One treat per pup
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Freeze time: 2 hours

Who’s to say Halloween is just for kids?

Pets love to get in on the fun, too. We predict what they really want for Halloween is a treat — especially if it’s a fun new toy to play with.

The Animal Keeper has rounded up some of the spookiest Halloween dog toys so your pup can have an extra-festive October and keep himself busy during all the festivities (you can thank us later).

Stop by one of our 4 locations today and take a look at the great Treats & Toys we have scared up for Halloween, here’s just a peek!

Happy Halloween!

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