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Mutt Mail

Mutt Mail November 2022

November 23, 2022 | Mutt Mail

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from The Animal Keeper!

Holiday Greeting Contest - Win a $54 Gift Certificate to The Animal Keeper!

Submit your best pet headshot for a chance to win a $54 gift certificate and appear in our annual holiday greeting! It doesn’t need to be perfect, but as straight as possible.

We’ll randomly choose 5 winners PER LOCATION to win a $54 gift certificate to The Animal Keeper.

Simply send us your BEST headshot of your pet along with their name and your preferred location!

Click through for information and to enter!

Pawlidays Photoshoot

For $20 your dog will participate in a Christmas themed photoshoot. All participants will receive a photo from the shoot to take home and proudly display!

Call your preferred location for dates and times.

Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

Here is a nice infographic about keeping your pet safe during Thanksgiving!

Pet Profiles

Favorite Toy: Rubber teething tire
Obsession: Playing with his owners Parker Tanner Srella
Naughtiest Deed: Cheats on his diet
Pet Peeve: Seeing other dogs on television

Favorite Toy: Kong Ball
Obsession: Chasing Birds
Naughtiest Deed: Jumping Up
Pet Peeve: Smoke Alarms

Favorite Toy: Balls & any new toy he can destroy
Obsession: Chasing water from the hose!
Naughtiest Deed: Ryu was trusted home alone once & he destroyed 4 shoes, a pillow and his bed!
Pet Peeve: Noisy, loud crowds

Sweet Potato & Leftover Turkey Homemade Dog Treats

These easy, 4-ingredient Homemade Dog Treats perfectly use up leftover Thanksgiving turkey (or chicken). And, they freeze well, too. Great for stocking up, or for make-ahead DIY holiday gifts!

Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog Treats

Thanksgiving is a perfect time to whip up a batch of Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog Treats

Help Pets in Need

Helen Woodward Animal Center’s AniMeals program feeds the companion pets of homebound seniors, wounded veterans, people with disabilities, low income individuals and families and those experiencing homelessness throughout San Diego County. Your donation of canned or dry dog & cat food will make a difference!

Halloween Photoshoot - Encinitas

Halloween Photoshoot - Oceanside/Carlsbad

Halloween Photoshoot - Poway

Reasons to Be Thankful for Your Pets

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on everything you cherish in your life. That includes your pets, of course! When you and your loved ones are eating turkey, stuffing, green beans, pumpkin pie and more at the dinner table, your fur baby is right there with you. Showing how thankful you are for your four-legged companion is something that comes naturally year-round. Pet love is a special bond and a daily reminder of how lucky you are as a pet parent.

Thanksgiving Travel Tips for Pets

As we prepare for a Thanksgiving feast, many families will find themselves on the road travelling to spend time with family and friends. For families traveling with pets, though, there are certain dangers for four-legged companions to keep in mind this holiday season.

Grooming Spotlight

‘Charlie All Cut’ – Groomed by Marlenne from Encinitas
‘Ravishing Rusty’ – Groomed by Elizabeth from Oceanside/Carlsbad
‘Buffed Bubba’ – Groomed by Brian from Poway

Dog Movies to Watch During the Holidays

It has been quite the year and we all probably need to feel warm and fuzzy during the holiday season so why not get cozy on the couch with your dog and watch a few beloved films this holiday season. Here are 8 dog movies to watch during the holidays.

A Very Bocce's Holiday

We heard through one of Santa’s helpers that pups love Pumpkin, (I mean, who doesn’t!) and we wanted to be sure your pups get exactly what they want for the Holidays! Meet Holiday Feast, a special holiday treat baked with Pumpkin, Turkey, Cranberry, and of course, Holiday cheer!🎁

Available now at The Animal Keeper $5.99

We are excited to introduce “CHUCKLES”

Dogs will be chattering for more!

HERO Chuckles are more durable than comparable plush toys and resemble cute cuddly animal characters. The holiday toys including Santa, Gingerbread Man & Moose, are designed in custom patterns with bright, fun colors!

Each character contains the new, innovative and patented, Chatterbox*. The Chatterbox is a unique device that has three distinct sounds including a crunch, squeak, and chuckle, all contained within a protective tube for added safety. Depending on the position of the toy, it emits a symphony of sounds keeping dogs engaged longer!

• Laminated Mesh Lining
• Double Stitching
• Embroidered Details
• No Small Parts for Dogs to Swallow
• Engaging Triple Sound Device *Patent Pending

Available now for $12.99

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