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Mutt Mail

Mutt Mail November 2018

November 20, 2018 | Mutt Mail

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Feasting!

We are so appreciative of each and everyone of you. We love your four footed family members like our own and have been blessed to have many of you through more than one generation of pets and pet parents.

Thank you so much for your loyalty and patronage. We truly consider you a part of our Animal Keeper family.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your loved ones.

Grateful beyond words,

The Animal Keeper Staff

An Endearing Gesture

Birthdays. They come once a year and get much less exciting for many of us as the years go by. For kids, it’s one of the best days of the year. We all know that for most kids, their birthday wishes are comprised of fun toys and gadgets….but The Whipple family had a different idea. They recently celebrated two birthdays for their daughters now 13 and 11, and the girls’ birthday wish was to donate dog food to dogs in need.

At our Pet Suites location in Aliso Viejo, we’ve been aiding a local dog rescue, Doggie Bones, by providing boarding for some of their dogs. All of these wonderful pets are looking for their forever homes. It warmed our hearts when we received this dog food donation and was told it was because of these endearing kids. Truly we were all moved by this wonderful gesture from this kind family. Thank you Whipple family for your generous donation for the dogs in need from the Doggie Bones Rescue.

Note for Pet Suites customers: This donated food is only for the rescue dogs from Doggie Bones rescue. This food will not be distributed to any boarding dogs that are patrons of Pet Suites. Thank you.

Kongs for K9s

We are proud to once again participate in MWDTSA Kongs for K9s toy drive. Purchase and donate any of the listed Kong toys and the Kong Company will match that. All toys go to hard working Military Dogs.  Click through for Kong toys and their details.

Pet Profiles - Favorite Toys, Obsessions, Naughtiest Deeds, Pet Peeves

“Leapin” Lizzie
Favorite Toy: A Starfish
Obsession: Camp, Charlie Bear treats, and leaping of course!
Naughtiest deed: Jumping over her family’s 5 ½ foot backyard fence into the neighbor’s yard.
Pet Peeve: Having a human join her on the sofa if she has already claimed it.

Favorite Toy: Tennis Ball
Obsession: Going in between knees! She sometimes thinks she’s a horse!
Naughtiest Deed: Not wanting to go home!
Pet Peeve: Not having a pool

Favorite Toy: Doesn’t care for toys since they aren’t tasty treats
Obsession: Treats, treats, and more treats!
Naughtiest Deed: Barking until he gets a treat
Pet Peeve: Not getting treats

Featured Grooming

“Andy’s Awesome Style” styled by Marlene at Encinitas Animal Keeper
“Jazzy Jolene” styled by Ashley at Oceanside Animal Keeper
“Darling Diva” styled by Christine at Poway Animal Keeper

Book for Grooming Today

The holidays are upon us. Is Scruffy just a little too scruffy for the family photo? Do your in-laws give you grief over Barkley’s smell whenever they visit? We may be able to help. Book grooming today at your favorite location. Spots are filling up fast! Make sure your pets are preened and pristine this holiday season.

Holiday Safety Tips

Why not take a few extra steps to ensure your pets well-being during the Holiday season? Here are a few simple steps you can take to keep your furry friends healthy and safe.

Holiday Hours

The winter holiday season is almost upon us. Have you made your boarding appointment yet?

Call your location to inquire about availability, pricing and requirements for holiday boarding. Space is limited and going fast!

Click through for lobby hours at all locations for the Fall and Winter season.

No More Room at the Inn

Over the past year we’ve amassed a collection of doggie belongings that have been left behind. We have no more room at the inn for lost belongings. If you believe you may have left something behind with us, feel free to give us a call. We are planning on donating lost items to pooch charities on December 2. We will do our best to find your lost item. If we cannot find an item you may have left with us, we send our deepest apologies. Personal items sent with pets can be lost or even destroyed. Sometimes, a pet may decide to rip their favorite toy to shreds when they are missing their beloved families. When this happens we take the fallen toy and discard it right away. We want to ensure your pet doesn’t decide to turn their torn up toy into a tasty snack. Thank you.

New Retail & Holiday Retail!

Check out some of our retail items, including Pet Lou, Zippy Paws, Charming Pet Products, Lamb Chop, GoDog, PetSafe, Tuffy, Mighty, Silly Squeakers®.

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