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Mutt Mail

Mutt Mail May 2022

May 25, 2022 | Mutt Mail

Honor Our Heroes

Let’s remember those who have sacrificed their lives.

Pet Profiles

Favorite Toy: Squeaky beer bottle dog toy
Obsession: Chewing on his ball nonstop
Naughtiest Deed: Constantly eating the trash
Pet Peeve: HATES fly swatters

Favorite Toy: Her squirrel
Obsession: Being told “She’s a pretty girl”
Naughtiest Deed: Digging in the couch
Cute Trait: Showing her pretty smile

Favorite Toy: Fast moving ball
Obsession: Treats
Naughtiest Deed: Chewed custom shoes
Pet Peeve: Don’t interrupt dinner time

The Perks of Feeding Your Pets Homemade Treats

This month we are focusing on your dog’s gut health. Preparing homemade meals for your pets has plenty of benefits. Here is a great recipe for you to try that will benefit your dogs tummy!

Grooming Spotlight

“Chopped Chop” groomed by Marlenne at Encinitas
“Honey’s Hotness” groomed by Kristina at Poway

Day School Training Grads - Oceanside / Carlsbad

Charlie – 15 Day School with Eric
Charlie is a 1 year old Golden Retriever. He excelled at sit, stay/ down, stay, place, and up in the car. He is a very smart dog!

Wrigley – 15 Day School with Eric
Wrigley is a 4 month old German shepherd mix. He worked on sit say, down stay, leash walking and recall. He excelled in recall very quickly.

Puppy Kindergarten Training Grads - Poway

Here are our most recent Puppy Kindergarten grads from Poway!

At Puppy Kindergarten, these grads learned:

Basic Skills: Get your pup focused and following your direction.

Problem Solving: Make short work of house training, stop puppy from using you – and your furniture – as chew toys.

Problem Prevention: Ensure your pup grows into a dog your can truly enjoy – friendly, relaxed, well-behaved, and fun!

We Feed & Recommend NutriSource

We are proud to introduce NutriSource brand pet food. We have done our homework, and we are dedicated to the long term health of your pet by bringing NutriSource into our boarding facilities. We serve only the best food where the focus is on health and nutrition.

Fun Field Trip for The Poway Unified School District

The students from the PUSD (Poway Unified School District) Special Needs Transition Program had a wonderful time taking care of the pets here at the facility!

In this program, students are being introduced to a supervised work environment where they learn to cooperate with team members, properly wash and dry dogs for baths, and clean dog kennels. They do this while stressing the importance of keeping the pet’s environment properly clean and to have a fun and safe time playing with the pets! Ultimately, our supervisors and kennel technicians put emphasis on the importance to giving the pets the right enrichment and attention while having lots of fun with spending time with the animals.

Why Is Your Pet's Gut Bacteria Out of Whack?

  • Both physical and emotional stressors can disrupt the balance of bacteria in your pet’s GI tract; it’s important to address this issue, since the right balance is necessary for optimal digestion and immune system function
  • When good-to-bad gut bacteria is out of whack, it can result in digestive and nutritional issues, leaky gut syndrome, and ultimately, a host other health problems
  • Another major influence on gut bacterial balance in pets is the overuse of veterinary drugs, including antibiotics, steroids, flea and tick medications and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories
  • Ensure your pet has a healthy microbiome through a nutritionally optimal, minimally processed diet that includes fermented vegetables, prebiotic-loaded low glycemic veggies and if necessary, a high-quality probiotic supplement

Joint Support CBD Dog Chews

These newly reformulated soft chews are crafted to support greater mobility and relief from inflammation to help dogs get back to what they love. Ideal for maintaining optimal joint health, easing joint pain, and extending adventure time with your pup.

Calming Support CBD Dog Chews

These newly reformulated soft chews are crafted to provide a deeper sense of calm and ease environmental stress. With a more advanced blend and the addition of essential amino acids L-Tryptophan and L-Theanine, these premium chews are able to better soothe anxiety in your pup.

Digestive Health CBD Dog Chews

These newly reformulated soft chews are crafted to provide daily support for proper digestion, maintaining healthy and natural gut bacteria, and relief when your pup eats something they disagree with.

Our diverse panels of dogs overwhelmingly approved of our latest recipe, with the addition of molasses for flavor they can’t resist! Enjoy an all-natural, grain free way to support their overall well-being with targeted functional benefits.

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