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Mutt Mail

Mutt Mail January 2021

January 27, 2021 | Mutt Mail

Valentine's Day Retail Special

One overnight free when you purchase $40 or more in retail.

Holiday Photoshoot 2020

Photos from our Holiday Photoshoots are IN. Thanks to those who participated!

Training Grads

Bowie completed a 15-day training class with Bennett Sharp where he worked on stranger intro, down stay and leave it! Bowie loves to get vocal when there’s other pups and humans around but thanks to Bennett and mom’s hard work, Bowie has made a huge improvement.

Maggie is noting but tail wags when she meets every dog and human. While completing a 10 day school with Bennett Sharp she worked on loose leash walking, down stay and stranger intro. She also had a VERY hard time with stranger intro because she is such a social butterfly but has definitely made terrific improvement!

Tilly is super friendly and loves saying hi to everyone so she was having a hard time not jumping on everyone she met. She completed two 10 days of day school with Bennett, in those two 10 days she has improved on her down stay, stranger intro and leave it. She had a really hard time with stranger intro but she has had a great improvement, especially with getting belly rubs for positive reinforcement, which was her favorite.

Grooming Spotlight

‘Savannah Sparkles’ groomed by Marlene at Encinitas
‘Shining Sequoia’ groomed by Jenna at Oceanside/Carlsbad
‘Squeaky Clean Koko’ groomed by Kristina at Poway

Featured Employees

Sean – Encinitas
Josh – Oceanside/Carlsbad
Kara – Poway

Pet Profiles

Skittle – Encinitas
Favorite Toy: Rope toys / her faceless lion
Obsession: Playing with her friends
Naughtiest Deed: Taking her friends’ nametags
Pet Peeve: Being ignored

Buck – Oceanside/Carlsbad
Favorite Toy: Cardboard box
Obsession: Food, I love eating! 😊
Naughtiest Deed: Making a mess with my litter box at home! Whoops!
Pet Peeve: Not getting enough food!

Rosie – Poway
Favorite Toy: Orange squeaky ball
Obsession: Loves to go on walks and smelling the flowers. Loves people more than dogs. Everyone at the Glen loves her and she loves them! Also, she is so cuddly. She loves getting treats at night and sleeping behind her mom’s head.
Naughtiest Deed: Nothing naughty, only loving!
Pet Peeve: Hates the doorbell.

Valentines Day Retail!

Mighty Tough Toys – Piglet, Pink Giraffe, Purple Monkey, Angry Pig
Charming Pet – Lil Dudes Pig, Cuddle Tug Pig, Fuzz Buds Pig, Peek A Boo Pig, Puzzlers Pig
Yeoowww! Cat Toy – Heart Shaped
Zippy Paws: Burrow Toys – Mailbox & Love Letters, Chocolate Box, Coffee & Donutz, Cookie Jar; Cupcake, Pink Donutz
Pet Shop – Sloffee, Donut Leave Me Hanging Sloth
GoDog – Pink Dragon
Snugarooz Pet – Kat the Caticorn, Rosie the Robot

Lepto Vaccine Update

After consulting with infectious disease experts, it was determined that dogs under 20 pounds may forgo receiving the vaccine but for dogs over 20 pounds it was highly encouraged. Given the recent rise of Leptospirosis cases and how contagious it is to other animals. We have made the decision to require this for dogs over 20 pounds. Waivers from veterinarians for dogs that are seniors or have pre-existing conditions that prevent them from receiving the Leptospirosis vaccine will be accepted.

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