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Mutt Mail

Mutt Mail April 2022

April 22, 2022 | Mutt Mail

Happy Easter from The Animal Keeper

We hope you had a great Easter!

Earth Day

For Earth Day, we are reflecting on all things sustainability and our favorite eco-friendly products.

Going more sustainable in your everyday life doesn’t necessarily require a heavy lift. We have carefully curated products with eco-friendly intentions from vendors that share the same philosophies we do. We’ve come to fancy these products over the years and think they’re worth knowing about.

Easter Photoshoots

Check out all our pets in this year’s Easter Photoshoots! Click through to view all!

Pet Profiles

Favorite Toy: Long, no stuffing fox toy
Obsession: Walks with Mom AND Dad!
Naughtiest Deed: Eating the occasional sock!
Pet Peeve: I’m a husky, I don’t like being hot!

Favorite Toy: Ball
Obsession: Ball
Naughtiest Deed: Destroys pet beds and area rugs
Pet Peeve: Not throwing the ball when he brings it to you

Favorite Toy: Anything plushy and squeaky, me loves soft and squeaky
Obsession: I rip out squeaky and make it my friend. Squeak-friend-squeak
Naughtiest Deed: I open mommy’s sock drawer and pull them all out for her, I help!
Pet Peeve: I no like vet, they not fun like The Animal Keeper

Come Play!

Dogs are placed into playgroups according to size and temperament. We have separate areas for large and small dogs, and your pooch will enjoy plenty of scheduled play time, rest time, and socialization.

Grooming Spotlight

“Cute All Cut Charlie” groomed by Marlenne at Encinitas
“Zara Straight from Z-Bath” (the bath) at Oceanside/Carlsbad
“Marvelous Mystique” groomed by Kristina at Poway

5 Reasons Why Your Dog May Be Always Hungry

  • If your dog is constantly hungry, there can be a variety of causes including canine biology, memories of food scarcity, biologically inappropriate diets, underlying disease, and learned behavior
  • The first stop for your extra-hungry dog should be your veterinarian’s office, since there are several serious underlying diseases that can cause excessive hunger (e.g., diabetes)
  • When it comes to dietary influences, ultraprocessed dog food containing excessive carbohydrate-based fillers (grains, starches, and added fiber) can create malnourishment at the cellular level, leaving your dog feeling hungry
  • Dogs who are rewarded for begging and other food-seeking behaviors will continue the behavior until it is no longer rewarded


Delicious, Nutrition, Humane, Hypoallergenic and Sustainable. That’s Jiminy’s in a nutshell. Dogs love the taste of the smoky soft chews. They make for a great training treat, as they are super low cal and each treat can be broken into even tinier pieces without totally crumbling. Crickets are an excellent source of protein, fiber, and taurine and even the most sensitive pets will thrive on cricket protein. Reduce your pet’s carbon pawprint, and start considering eco-friendly for your furry family member!

Mika & Sammy’s

Mika & Sammy’s is family owned and operated. Their meat and chicken comes from USA Sourced, free range, farm raised animals. We NEVER use fillers, by-products, animal meals or added fats. All of our items are made and packaged by us. We NEVER use third parties for any of our preparing, smoking, dehydrating or packaging.

Winnie Lou – The Canine Co.

Women owned and operated premium treat company. Everything is manufactured in small batches using local and sustainable protein and ingredients. Bringing together humans and their dogs is really important to us. We craft treats to satisfy the tastebuds of your pooch while addressing the health concerns of pet parents all over. Three percent of our proceeds go to local rescues to give all dogs a chance at a forever family.

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