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Mutt Mail

Dog Profile: Chewy

June 1, 2014 | Pets

Hello! My name is Chewy and I’m a German shepherd mix. We German Shepherds are known to be very courageous, loyal, faithful, smart and obedient. One could say I meet all of those standards! We Shepherds also love strenuous activities whether it’s training (we love a good challenge), playing Frisbee in the park, spending some time at the Del Mar Dog Beach, running alongside our owners on a bike ride or my personal favorite, visiting The Animal Keeper for a day of play!

My parents drop me off for a full day with my friends at The Animal Keeper when they go to work. I’ve become a regular there and the girls seem to love me! I get so excited in the car on the way there but once we arrive, I’m a “good boy” and sit nicely at the door for Mom until she says “okay!” Then I run in and greet my people friends with a great big smile!

Camp is my favorite thing. The Animal Keeper has a big fenced yard out front where lots of dogs my size play together! There are fun obstacles to climb under, sprinklers, pools and fetch for days. I like to chase, wrestle and explore the yard with the entire pack! Two of my best friends are Archer, who’s an Australian Shepherd mix and Gus who’s a yellow lab. We have a blast playing tug-o-war together!

So come down and play! The Animal Keeper is paws down the most awesome place!

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