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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Pet!

February 7, 2020 | General

What’s a better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than to celebrate with the one who loves you most?

Here’s a list of 4 different ways you can celebrate this mushy holiday with your beloved furry companion!

1. Treats

In human culture, one of the biggest things we do for Valentine’s Day is giving our loved ones a box of some sweet treats. However, since chocolates and goodies are a no-no for pets, treat your pet with their favorite pet-friendly goodies. You can go all out by purchasing a small heart-shaped box, make sure it’s clean and safe for your pets’ treats, and fill it up. Snap a picture or video of your pets’ reaction so you can always remember the occasion.

2. Gifts

Is your pet on a diet or has dietary restrictions? Instead of treats, you can always buy them a toy. However, maybe instead of picking up a giant teddy bear and getting stuffing all over your house, maybe buy a Valentine’s themed pet toy! Stop by The Animal Keeper/Pet Suites to check our Valentine’s Day selection. We are having our KISS special this month so if you spend $35 on our retail, you can also give fido the gift of a free day of camp!

3. Dinner

What’s more traditional than taking your loved one to dinner on Valentine’s Day? More and more restaurants have a menu for dogs with pet-friendly outside seating. Peruse the internet with your pet and pick a place together. Enjoy a great dinner and a night on the town with Fido.

4. A Night In

Is your pet a homebody? No problem! What better way to celebrate than having a night in with your pets. Make their favorite dinner, set up some tv trays and stream your favorite movies. “Homeward Bound” is always a great choice!

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, you can always take a moment to show your pets that you love them. To them, you are their entire world and life. A little bit of love for them goes a long way.

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