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Cat Boarding

Our Cattery

The Animal Keeper is here to serve your feline friends a premier boarding experience and provide them with a home away from home.


Sunlit Spaces: What’s better than a sunny spot for a catnap? Our cattery is thoughtfully designed with plenty of sunlight in each room, creating a relaxed and inviting atmosphere your kitty will adore. Of course, our facilities are climate-controlled, so rest assured your cats will sunbathe comfortably.

Comfortable Accommodations: We know how much kitties like snuggling up in comfy and cozy places. That’s why we designed each condo with plush bedding, providing a snug and restful retreat for your cat to curl up and unwind. Each room has its own cat litter box, which is scooped and cleaned each morning. Plus, classical music plays throughout the cattery to further add to the serene ambiance.

Nutritious Meals & Fresh Water: We believe in providing cats with meals that are as delicious as they are nutritious. From our NutriSource kibble and wet food, available in mouthwatering chicken and lamb flavors, to freshwater refilled and refreshed daily, your cat will dine like royalty during their stay. And don’t forget, you’re welcome to bring your cat’s favorite food from home – just make sure it’s pre-packaged to avoid a small daily fee!

At The Animal Keeper, we’re all about making sure your furry friend feels loved, comfortable, and right at home. Book your cat’s stay with us today and treat them to a boarding experience they’ll purr with delight about!


The below are available for purchase to add to your cat’s boarding stay!

Purr-fect Playtime: At The Animal Keeper, we are all cat people. We offer one-on-one playtimes with a staff member that include climbing cat trees, cat toys, and attention galore.

Tuck-In Service: Are you worried your pet will miss their nightly cuddle during boarding? Fear not; we offer a Tuck-in Service that includes giving your kitty a treat and extra attention at bedtime.


We offer a package for a daily fee in addition to the nightly boarding rate.

Fabulous Feline Package: This package is specially tailored to pamper your kitty! It features personalized one-on-one playtime with a dedicated staff member, ensuring your furry friend receives all the attention they crave. To top it off, each night, your beloved cat will enjoy a cozy tuck-in session, complete with extra cuddles and treats. Give your cat the royal treatment they deserve with our exclusive feline package.