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Mutt Mail

Mutt Mail April 2017

April 3, 2017 | Mutt Mail

Back by popular demand!
Receive $25 off a full service groom or deluxe bath when you buy one $9.99 bottle (100 count) of Flea Treats!

Vaccination Clinic
Check out our upcoming pet vaccination clinic on Saturday, Apr. 15 at Oceanside and Saturday, May 20 at Encinitas. Call to reserve your spot!

Flea and Tick Season is Here
Along with Spring and Summer hikes and outdoor activities comes fleas and ticks. In addition to just being an annoyance they carry a number of diseases and illnesses.

Feast'r Beg Hunt
Turn your dog loose on the hunt! Sign up now for your pet to participate in the big hunt! Call your preferred Animal Keeper location to signup!

Featured Grooming
“Drew lookin snazzy!” styled by Audra at Encinitas Animal Keeper
“The Adorable Darbee-Do!” styled by Viviana at Oceanside Animal Keeper
“Gorgeous Gracie!”styled by Holly at Poway Animal Keeper

Encinitas Street Faire
Join us for the Encinitas Street Faire on Sunday, April 30, from 9am-5pm.

Retail Items
Check out some of our retail items, including Flea Treats, Flea Combs, Crocodile Plush, Alien Flex Plush, Animal Sticks, Pawsitively Gourmet and Ento Bento.

Featured Pets and Team Members
Check out our featured pets and team members!

Paws Rewards
We’d like to 'Paws' and give you a 'Reward'! Sign up and start earning rewards for your purchases!

Refer a Friend
Refer a friend and receive 500 Paws Rewards points!

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