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Humunga Fetch Toys, Mighty Toys, Zippy Paws Burrows

January 4, 2018 | Products

Humunga Fetch Toys

My what big teeth you have! These crazy canines are ideal for your crazy canine!

Must-have, high-quality fetch toy that gives your dog giant cartoon lips when he has the ball in his mouth! It’s a ball on one end and gigantic luscious lips on the other. When your pooch picks up the ball in a game of fetch, your “Angelina Jolie wannabe” can now be as pouty and pursed as her celebrity crush! Woof! Award-winning, high quality fetch toy that gives your dog a giant handlebar mustache when he holds the ball in his mouth! Made of solid, non-toxic, natural rubber

Mighty Toys

Made with multiple rows of stitching and layers of material, these toys are tough! Mighty Toys come in a variety of styles and types. Your mighty dog would love to sink his teeth into one of these fun toys. New varieties: Unicorn, Unicorn Jr, Stork, Spinosaurus, Spinosaurus Jr, Triceratops, Triceratops Jr, Mega Gear, Mega Tug, Mighty Balls Medium & Large with unicorn print

Zippy Paws Burrows

Test your dog’s intelligence and combat boredom with ZippyPaw’s Zippy Burrow toys! Dogs love to bury their noses in the Burrow to dig out the critters (each comes with three squeaky toys). They’ll be begging you to hide them back in the Burrow again and again for hours of fun! New varieties: Panda Burrow and Giraffe Burrow

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